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We ensure maximum efficiency for you and your machine.

Sales services

Tecnomac Systems s.r.l deals with business consulting in the machine tool sector, inspired by personal and professional values based on the principles of integrity, transparency and control.

Business Consulting

Reduced investment costs
Reduction in machinery and consumables
Reduced maintenance costs
Used machine opportunities
Reporting incentives and financial opportunities
Business opportunities / business contacts

Technical Services

Machine tools are the hub for manufacturing and represent a considerable capital investment.

Their production efficiency must be kept constant over the years, and to do this it is necessary to keep them up to date by equipping them with the latest control technologies and relying on expert partners.

Tecnomac Systems s.r.l also offers a technical assistance service on the machine, in the hands of qualified and professional technicians.

The goal is to provide qualified support while minimizing travel expenses (miles, highway, travel hours) in addition to the same hourly labor cost.

Types of intervention

Fast and competent assistance service able to solve any kind of problem, be it of electronic, mechanical or hydraulic origin.

Periodic maintenance carried out by experienced personnel who know how to interpret the provisions of the various manufacturers, performing all the operations necessary for the optimal operation of the machine.

Installation and commissioning of CNC machines
Perform all phases of assembly of parts removed for transportation, electrical connections, leveling and squaring, functional checks and axis calibrations, production startup.

Machine handling, leveling and control
We deal with the handling of machine tools that need to be moved, performing loading, transport and installation at the desired location.

Spindle revision
At the customer's site we perform the dimensional inspection of the spindle parts, the mounting of the bearings, the dynamic running-in and the final balancing of the entire system. For electrospindles, these procedures must be performed in our workshops.

The retrofit of a machine tool represents a valid alternative to the purchase of a new one, where the mechanical structure is in good condition, replacing and modifying the obsolete and/or damaged parts.

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